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Fearless Skeleton Rider, Anna Fernstäedt

Fearless Skeleton Rider, Anna Fernstäedt

Wow! My Vision Has Officially Come To Life. 

New on Vibrant Ambition, is our Femme and Fierce Interviews with Highly Ambitious Female Leaders, including athletes and entrepreneurs from around the world, who are pushing the limits in their field, leading with passion and making a massive impact along the way.  

As a Mindset Coach, my goal for this blog is to show you how powerful your mind truly is, while highlighting the importance of resilience (the real raw truth).  No matter whether you are an athlete, an entrepreneur or someone who is looking to find their "thing" in the world... this blog will truly inspire you and give you the tools you need to step into the leader you were born to be. 

To kick off our first interview on the Femme and Fierce Blog, I caught up with Germany's Fearless Skeleton Rider, Anna Fernstadt. If this doesn't scream fearless, I don't know what does ... "skeleton racing involves plummeting head-first down a steep and treacherous ice track on a tiny sled."

Let's dive in! Meet Anna Fernstaedt...


What did the journey look like from when you first got into Skelton, to now?

First run I still remember. I hated it and it hurt! They convinced me to take some more runs and it started to become fun, so I stuck with it. I learnt to love the Sport. Two years later I qualified for the Junior National Team. In Fall 2016 I qualified for the Worldcup-Circuit and the National Team. This Season I missed the team, but because of my good result in the Intercontinental-Cup, I got a call up to the Worldcup again. Now I'm trying to qualify for the Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


What is your top goal for this season?

My top Goal is to qualify for the Olympics. To be a part of it would be amazing.


What is your greatest motivator when it comes to pursuing your big goals?

My main motivation is that I love what I do! I love the sport and being on tour, travelling. I never thought I'd be on a National Team. I never thought I would have a chance to get to the Olympics. The fact I've gotten this far, is crazy. Of course, making the Olympic Team is my biggest motiavion for now to perform and compete well. But the main thing is to have fun and enjoy this time. And that's what I'm really trying to do.


Have you experienced any big setbacks in your career thus far and if so, how did you deal with it + ultimately come back stronger?

Of course, even this season. I didn't qualify for the Worldcup Team. That was a hard setback for me after qualifing the year before, especially because it is the Olympic Year this year.
I wanted to quit. I thought it was over and I had no chance to achieve what every athlete is dreaming of.

I took some days off. Went for a hike. That's what I normally do when I need to think about everything. On top of a mountain everything seems so small. The sport, yourself, your problems. The only thing I knew was that I love the sport and being on tour and that I actually didn't want to quit. I promised myself to go into this season with the focus to have fun and to enjoy everything. If you're happy, the rest will come. I've had some of the best weeks ever since.  I perfomed well and got a call up. That was also my chance back to the Olympics.


What have been your greatest accomplishments in your sport thus far?

A Bronze-Medal at the 2016 Junior-Worldchampionships, 4th place for Individual at the 2017 World championships, a Bronze-Medal in the Team-Event, and being ranked 6th in the World-Rankings of the 2016-2017 Season.


How important is keeping a positive mindset when it comes to competing and pushing the limits?

I think it's very important. You can't perform well or do your best if you have a negative mindset. It doesn't always have to be a Gold medal you're thinking about, but you need to believe in the best that could happen in order to give yourself a chance (even if the chance may seem very small). When you don't believe it can happen, it most likely won't happen.


Can you give an example of how your mindset has played a big role in your career thus far?

I think that for me, my mindset has played the biggest factors the days I wanted to quit. If you're at a point where you want to quit, it takes a bunch of positiveness to continue on- to go back to training, to working out, to doing what you have to do- even if you think it's not worth it anymore.

Of course your mindset is important for every race you compete in, but somehow races become a routine. To get back up after something goes wrong, when something bad has happened to you, or after you've had a really bad race, that's when your mindset is a really BIG factor.


Aside from your sport, is there a specific athlete you admire?

Shawn Johnson (retired Gymnast, USA)
I've followed her since I was a kid. I love the way she performs. She's powerful, calm and always smiling. I love how she stays so grounded, and how the "normal things in life" remain a priority for her (family, school, normal life).  Also, from reading her book, I love that she did Gymnastics because it was fun, because she enjoyed it, and because of that, it became her passion.


Do you have a favourite quote or motto you live by?

When nothing is sure, everything is possible!
I also love this one "Do it with passion, or not at all!"



Takeaway #1: Do it with passion or not at all.

Takeaway #2: When things get tough, take some time to reconnect to your heart. 

Takeaway #3: If you don't believe it can happen, or that it's even possible for you, it most likely won't happen.


What was your biggest takeaway? Share in the comments below.

Thanks a million Anna - your story and success thus far is so genuine.
Best wishes to you on your journey to the Olympics. We are all rooting you on!

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