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Holistic Wealth Expert, Leanne Jacobs

Holistic Wealth Expert, Leanne Jacobs

Interview #2 on The Femme and Fierce is here, and it's nothing short of inspiring! Leanne's ability to be REAL, RAW + HONEST is what makes her so damn amazing. 

Leanne is a holistic wealth expert and leadership mentor.  She is a certified clinical nutritionist and a certified Pilates and yoga instructor. Not to mention she is the author of one of my absolute FAVOURITE Wealth books, Beautiful Money.

Read below to find out what resources and tools have played a big role in Leanne's personal development thus far!


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Tell me a bit about how you got into Entrepreneurship— and what the journey has been like for you thus far:

I was drawn into the corporate career plan mostly because I wasn’t exposed much to entrepreneurship. Once I outgrew my corporate life, entrepreneurship was calling my name! I had no experience running my own business and was beyond nervous but I took the plunge. 


What has been the hardest thing about Entrepreneurship thus far? 

Learning to let go of ego. This is a tough one that yoga + experience helps me work through. One of my mentors taught me true success typically comes from letting go and not learning more.


What are 5 words that describe your Entrepreneurship journey thus far:

  • Inspiring

  • Courageous

  • Accomplished

  • Challenging

  • Authentic

What motivates you on the daily, to show up, put in the work and go after your goals?

I have a history of putting pressure on myself to do better. I think most of us have been hit with the ‘not good enough’ bug. With time and maturity, I have understood that this journey is a practice of feeling complete and connected regardless of stuff or accomplishments. Hence, I don’t typically require external motivation to get things done. I am motivated internally by keeping my creative energy flowing as purely as possible- for me this requires lots of personal time and a deep commitment to health and wellbeing.


In a world full of comparison, what helps you stay true to yourself + your own journey?

Eesh! This one can be tough. I do my best to always make my inner world more of a priority than my outer world. At times, I have to limit social media and tech time as it can unground me. I have several rituals that keep me grounded. I have also had experience learning to deal with anxiety. I am very in tune with my body- And when I am out of alignment, I get instant red flag signals. It’s actually quite a blessing so I don’t stay in the mess too long!


What have been your major highlights/achievements thus far?

Having my book (Beautiful Money) published by the #1 publisher globally. This was a gift. I went to French school when I was young and having my book published in French was such a great and rewarding gift as well. I would say though my greatest highlight is my relationship with my husband, my spiritual practice and my 4 beautiful children.

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How important do you feel your mindset is when it comes to pushing the limits + hitting your goals? 

Violence begins in the mind- so mindset is everything! I have a practice of non-violence in my life which means that my thinking must be aligned with truth and grace. It doesn’t mean that I don’t wander into dark places but I load my home and car up with tools that help me to stay on course. 


Have you experienced any setbacks, or challenges in your career thus far, and what helped you stick through the hard times and ultimately become stronger? 

Oh yes- the higher you rise, the greater your lessons. I have had many that almost led me to throw in the towel. For women especially- we are emotional beings and can swing all over the place. I believe that breakdowns are healthy and helpful (as long as they don’t drag on too long). I typically give myself 1 day to have a mini meltdown and then shake it off with yoga, a spa night or something to turn the energy around. Your setbacks are your true teachers- It’s easy to lead when all is working out in your life. 


Hidden talent or fun fact?

I can play a mean piano concerto (classically trained but a little rusty!). I am a Classical Music Geek! I once ran 8 marathons.


Have you ever visualized some sort of success before it happened? 

Many times- I do a vision board annually. I use music and visualization practices to see the finish line and my goals as already achieved. I find visualization to music is very powerful. See the exact situation/experience in full details in your mind and feel the emotion associated with it (adding music helps with this). I visualized and had a vision board photo of every significant milestone in my life long before it manifested. It’s universal law. It is created in your mind first, then in physical form. 


Do you have a morning routine or ritual in place? 

I did before children! Ha! My hubby and I transitioned from routine to rolling! We now flow but in a strategic way if that makes sense. We spend our time doing what brings us joy and living in flow. That being said- my work is to not be someone who is so over responsible that I take on ‘stuff’ of other people. I do less but with greater depth and connection.


What comes to mind when you think about where you are right now in this moment?

You’re catching me on a bit of an anxious day- here is how I handled it: I went to an intense yoga class, I spoke my truth to my husband, I let go of being so responsible, I gave myself permission to fall, I cried, I went for a walk, and I kissed my kids a lot. This is a literal example of the entrepreneurial roller coaster for women! Highs and lows- often on the same day!



How important do you feel the challenges have been on your journey, and what have they taught you thus far? 

I have become very comfortable with being out of my comfort zone daily (and for over a decade). Even committing to launching a world masterclass tour for Beautiful Money is so so so out of my comfort zone. It will be the first 20 events that I mentor for a full day! That may not seem like a big deal but I’m doing this right after my child bearing years and you certainly birth a lot of fear with those babes!  Learning to lean into fear has been a big on for me. I tend to do things even though it scares me but my work has been to not let the fear consume my inner body. You can be someone who does things but if you have an internal jail going on- there isn’t much joy in it! I am a much richer (spiritually speaking) mentor because of my experiences. I have always admired mentors who truly authentically walk what they talk and can mentor in a holistic way- not just to be busting out business success. It isn’t hard to become a workaholic. I’ve been there done that and it surely doesn’t serve the female body! A new era of mentorship is deeply needed and I hope I am doing good for this movement towards authentic + new world mentorship!

What tools have helped you develop a strong mindset? 

  • The strangest secret audio- Earl Nightengale

  • Ask and it is given- Esther Hicks

  • All of Wayne Dyer’s work

  • All of Pema Chodron’s work

  • Mystic Path to Cosmic Power- Vernon Howard

  • The Science of Being- Eugene Fersen


What would your advice be on pursuing your wildest dreams?

Trust your gut. If you’re guided to do it- do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t- EVER.



Takeaway #1: Trust your Gut!

Takeaway #2: Lean into your fears and get out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

Takeaway #3: Make your inner world more of a priority than your outer world (work on yourself).


What was your biggest takeaway? Share in the comments below!

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Leanne- thank you for being so willing to share your story with so much honesty!
Best wishes to you on your World Masterclass Tour for Beautiful Money!! 

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