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Hey! I'm Tonya Vanderhart.

I’m a Mindset Coach for ambitious females (both entrepreneurs and athletes) looking to push the limits and hit the next level of success in their journey. 

I grew up playing competitive soccer and quickly realized the power of one's mind(set). After spending some time in Corporate as a Marketing Professional, I took the leap into Entrepreneurship to pursue my wild and crazy dream of becoming an influential Coach in the online space. 

I have created this space to showcase the mindset + adversity it takes to become a successful leader- whether that's an Entrepreneur or an Athlete, it all comes down to one thing, and that's your mind.

The other big reason I have created this space is because I want to show you that there is no difference between you and those you look up to- except for one thing: they have chosen to pursue their dreams despite their fears. 

You can expect a great mixture of tips + real life stories to help you create a strong and powerful mindset of your own. 

[It's time to feel your fear + do it anyway!]

With love,

Tonya xx

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